Audiences warned ahead of Australian Premiere of ‘Reflections In The Dust’

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Fresh from shocking viewers at the 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the renegade film will have its Australian debut on October 20 at Event Cinemas George Street as part of the 5th Annual Sydney SciFi Festival.

In an unprecedented move, the Sydney SciFi Festival have warned viewers that Reflections in the Dust will be a challenging experience that ‘some viewers may find disturbing’. This is no surprise following a highly controversial reception at Karlovy Vary Film Festival in July and rumblings around the industry that 23-year-old director Luke Sullivan has pushed Australian cinema to the limits with his debut effort.

The Sydney SciFi Festival have released the following statement about the film, which chronicles the relationship between a paranoid schizophrenic clown and his blind daughter:

“Writer/director Luke Sullivan’s disturbing, abrasive vision may be the most striking Australian directing debut since Alex Proyas’ Spirits of The Air Gremlins of The Clouds; while it recalls the bitter futuristic existentialism of Andrei Tarkovsky and the savage relationship dynamics of Harold Beckett, Reflections in the Dust is a blisteringly unique film experience from the cutting-edge/avant garde frontline of the local film sector.”

Lead actress Sarah Houbolt, an internationally renowned patron for disabled inclusion in the arts who is blind and suffers from the rare Hallermann Streiff Syndrome, is set to receive the inaugural Vanguard Award at the festival, which is presented to an individual whose unique creative endeavours display a determination and fearlessness in the face of diversity.

Following the premiere, managing editor of SBS Movies Fiona Williams will conduct a Q/A with Luke, Sarah and the cast/crew.

When asked to comment, Luke Sullivan stated “I’ve had enough of an Australian film industry that is all politics and doesn’t truly care about diversity, taking risks or progressing the art form. An industry that churns out films that no one wants to see. This film will change everything. Just watch.”

Tickets are now on sale for the Australian premiere of Reflections in the Dust at the following link.—Reflections-In-The-Dust#cinemas=15&date=2018-10-20

If you haven’t already, check out Luke Sullivan speaking about shocking audiences with the film at the 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival:



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