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Reflections In The Dust

Documentary / Drama
  1. Director
    Luke Sullivan
  2. Starring
    Robin Royce Queree, Sarah Houbolt
  3. Rating
    MA 15+ [Strong coarse language]
  4. Langauge
  5. Run Time
    74 minutes
  6. Release Date
    December 13, 2018
A blind girl mutters ‘I don’t believe in love because I’ve never seen it’ to a faceless interviewer. Her recollections transport the audience to the edge of a desolate swamp, where she struggles to survive with her father – a paranoid schizophrenic clown. The swamp could be the end of the world, a place where hope has vanished along with a belief in the afterlife and the existence of god. As she dreams of what may exist beyond this wasteland, her father is increasingly consumed by fear, loathing and paranoia. The film hurtling towards one of the most shocking climaxes in the history of Australian cinema...

World Premiere at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2018 (Imagina section for films with an “unconventional approach to narration and style, distinctive and radical visions of film language”) | Australian Premiere - Sydney SciFi Film Festival 2018 | Black Nights Film Festival Estonia 2018 | Paracinema Festival Melbourne 2018

In Cinemas From
December 13, 2018


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