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  1. Director
    Emma Macey-Storch
  2. Starring
    Geeta, Neetu
  3. Rating
  4. Langauge
    English, Hindi
  5. Run Time
    90 minutes
  6. Release Date
    April 18, 2019
Set in the backstreets of Agra's slums, GEETA takes us on the journey of an acid attack survivor who finds the courage to fight for a better life for her three daughters, against almost impossible odds. Married at a young age, Geeta found herself in an abusive marriage, and continually harassed by her husband and in-laws for giving birth to girls. Geeta and her three daughters' lives were changed forever when, in an act of brutal 'revenge', her husband, egged on by his family, plotted and carried out an acid attack that critically injured Geeta, blinded her young daughter Neetu, and killed her newborn baby girl. Ostracized by her community and disowned by friends, Geeta pulled herself away from the brink of suicide and found the steel to fight for justice for herself and daughters and build a new life for all of them. From being forced - by social structures and property laws - to live with her husband again, to finding a way for her daughter Neetu to have life-changing eye operations...

GEETA will provide a unique insight into family violence that is affecting women in India and around the world. It is our belief that the film will have an important role to play within the global campaign to stop violence against women and will offer hope and inspiration to many groups who are still struggling to bring this issue to light in their local communities. (Documentary Australia Foundation)

In Cinemas From
April 18, 2019


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