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  1. Director
    Heidi Greensmith
  2. Starring
    Tommy Flanagan, Edward Ashley, David Broughton-Davies
  3. Rating
  4. Langauge
  5. Run Time
    95 minutes
  6. Release Date
    October 25, 2016
Forty something, foul-mouthed and aggressive, with an unquenchable thirst for booze and fags; Woods Weston appears to be a hopeless case. The once charismatic, artistic and loving husband and father is on the brink of emotional breakdown following the death of his wife. He must find a way to come to terms with his grief to save his relationship with his sons. A deeply moving and visually arresting story of love, loss and family bonds.

WINNER Best International Director, Best Leading Actor, Best Score, Best Drama Feature, NYCIFF 2015 | NOMINEE: Raindance Award - British Independent Film Awards 2015 | NOMINEE: Audience Award - Glasgow Film Festival 2016.

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October 25, 2016
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