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Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Audacity to be Free

Drama / Biopic
  1. Director
    Cordula Kablitz-Post
  2. Starring
    Nicole Heesters, Katharina Lorenz, Liv Lisa Fries, Philipp Hauß, Alexander Scheer, Julius Feldmeier, Harald Schrott
  3. Rating
  4. Langauge
    German, Italian, Russian with English subtitles
  5. Run Time
    113 minutes
  6. Release Date
    November 24, 2016
Lou Andreas-Salomé, the woman who enraptured 19th century Europe’s greatest minds, recounts her life to Ernst Pfeiffer in this German film directed by Cordula Kablitz-Post. A published novelist, poet and essayist, Salomé’s desire to live a life free from convention scandalized society but spurred genius and passion in others, including Friedrich Nietzsche, Paul Rée and her lover, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Under the tutelage of Sigmund Freud, she became the first female psychoanalyst.

Festival of German Cinema China 2016 | International Filmfest Emden-Norderney 2016 | Shanghai International Film Festival 2016 | Festival of German Films Paris 2016 | German Film Fest Australia 2016 | Tbilisi Film Festival 2016 | Berlin & Beyond Film Festival San Francisco 2016 | Jewish Film & Cultural Festival of Lisbon 2017 | Cleveland Int’l Film Festival 2017 | Tallgrass Film Festival 2017 | Grand Prize Narrative Feature - Socially Relevant Film Festival NYC 2018 | NDR Newcomer Award (Audience Award) Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney Emden, Germany (2016) | Golden Bretzel Award German Film Week of Dinard, France (2017) | Palace German Film Festival 2016

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November 24, 2016
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