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New base for The Backlot Films

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Exciting News! New base for The Backlot Films!
The Backlot Studios is RELOCATING from Southbank to South Melbourne! Geographically, the move is only a few hundred metres away. Theoretically however, this move is momentous for us after 7.5 years in Southbank.

We would like to take the time to thank all of those who have supported our crazy concept. Our gratitude particularly is extended to the distributors, producers, film reviewers, performing arts institutions, film festivals and film clubs, media and advertising agencies, record labels, recording artists and film exhibition companies who continue to support every aspect of what we do.

We are so humbled that it continues to be a sustainable business with services that fulfil the needs of all industry creatures great and small.

With this in mind, rest assured that our little red caboose show will go on - with a dedicated and upscaled recording studio / post production facility, an all new private screening room with 54 seats and a new base for The Backlot Films, all within the conveniently accessible Bank Street, South Melbourne.

We look forward to re-opening and stay tuned for pics and more news!

It still doesn’t feel like work... Thank you to all the ‘Backlotters’ in our lives!


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